Curriculum: Who’s your favorite theorist?

“I was certified and stamped with a mark of approval, and I couldn’t teach them the one thing they most needed to know how to do–read.”- Amy Treadwell

“A teacher’s control, should be an exercise in purpose, not power.”–Lemov


Curriculum Design and Course Requirements

In order to be eligible to complete the programs students must:

  • Complete 50 credits through RTP (semester course design below)
  • Lead one research project, and participate in one of their peer’s research projects.  One’s own research project will serve as the study for their senior thesis (a 40 page paper related to area of expertise and pedagogy).
  • Design one student development workshop and participate in 3 student development workshops.
  • Co-teach one RTP freshman seminar with an advisor/faculty member
  • Student-teach with an approved cooperating teacher, at one of our practice schools.


Last year of study:

Co-teach an RTP undergraduate seminar with an advisor/faculty member 

Student-teach with an approved cooperating teacher, at one of our practice schools

Write up your senior thesis.


Course requirements:

Student must take 4 courses (at 3 credits) each semester.

Students should select

  1. Content specific
  2. Praxis content teaching
  3. Psychology  
  4. Elective from any discipline (students will be required to design a lesson utilizing elements and skills gained in each of the elective courses).


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