If We Don’t Care About Education we will gradually see

the following  effects of the epidemic caused by uninspired, institutional, banking systems of education in our classrooms from Pre-K to Higher Education. The costs are high. 

  1. Inflated Grade Rates cause students to have distorted expectations about their educational journey and professional outcomes. 
  2. The elimination of Remedial courses decreases  the chance to develop an equitable foundation in reading, writing, and math. Essentially, we are underestimating students, and allowing them to proceed without the basic skills needed to thrive in today’s society, workforce and economy (BBC, Americans who cant read). 
  3. Less innovation, technological, and scientific discoveries 
  4. Predictions of Economic Decline in United States by 2060 with other nations taking innovative and technological leads.
  5. Low international test scores and less competitive advantages of U.S. high school and college graduates.
  6. Enabling the perpetuation of a disempowered and obedient citizenry.
  7. Maintaining the 99% status quo, unequal distribution of knowledge production, and the hierarchical class and economic structures set in place since colonialism.

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